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Welcome...  Years of helping families with their real estate needs in beautiful Yakima, Washington.  Centrally located in the heart of the great Pacific Northwest.


"We are thrilled with our 'dream home' and would recommend Terry for any Real Estate need."
    Mark & Becky

"Thanks for everything Terry!  You made the whole process much easier than expected..."
    Paul & Tina

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Buyer Representation...

    When you're in the market to purchase a home, you will fall into one of two categories; it may be your first purchase, or circumstances may have dictated that it is time to make a change. In either case, the process of buying a home is a culmination of accomplishing a set of specific goals or tasks. The buying process usually begins with a small spark, but inevitably it will end in a torrent. To prepare yourself for the buying experience, it is essential to identify those individual set of tasks, that when concluded, will result in the purchase of your new home. The actual "choosing" of a particular home, although important, is merely one of those tasks. When the process is followed correctly, the decision on which home to purchase, is unbelievably clear and simple.

    As important as real estate is in the selling of your home, it is equally as important when purchasing. I have found in real estate that it is not how you sell a home that is crucial, it is how your buy it!  To me, the idea of picking an agent, willy-nilly, to "write up your offer," is ludicrous. Real estate is one of the only professions I know that a service as important as guiding you through the buying process, is for the majority, one that is provided free. But just because the service is free, doesn't mean it should not be valuable. I suggest that one of the first steps in your buying process should be to "interview" real estate agents to become your "Buyer's Agent."

    Within the past 10 years the laws of client representation have changed dramatically. No longer are agents automatically "sub-agents" of the Seller. However, that does not mean that any agent will have your best interests at heart. I am willing to represent you as your "Buyer's Agent." As such, I will educate you in and through the "Buying Process." However, I am not "half" a Realtor. I am familiar with the Listing Process as well as the Buying Process. Understanding a seller's concerns and motivations while their home is being marketed, provides insight into the difficult process of Negotiation. Being an agent since 1985, I have been exposed to a multitude of the problems and pitfalls associated with the transfer of real estate. Knowing what to look for, and what to avoid goes a long way in alleviating the stress involved in this emotional process.

    Experienced, trustworthy and honest guidance through the steps of education, negotiation, and follow through is my promise to you...